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Prof. Philippe MIELE

Philippe MIELE received his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in 1993 at the University Montpellier 2. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA, USA), he became Assistant Professor (1994), and then Professor at the University Lyon 1. He was the leader of the group “Molecular Precursors and Inorganic Materials” in the Laboratory of Multimaterials and Interfaces (UMR UCBL / CNRS 5615). In 2003, he was appointed to the position of Lab Head up to 2010. In fall 2010, he joined the European Membranes Institute (UMR ENSCM / UM2 / CNRS 5635) with a part of his former group setting up the “Molecular Materials and Ceramics” group. He was Institute Head from 2011 up to 2020. HeIts main research interests lie in boron chemistry and in non-oxide advanced ceramics using the Polymer Derived Ceramics route, particularly new boron- and silicon-based materials. Up to middle 2011, he has co-authored 130 peer reviewed papers, 8 patents and has given around 20 invited presentations in meetings. He was nominated junior member of the “Institut Universitaire de France” in 2003, and in 2011 has been appointed in "World Academy of Ceramics" as Professional Member (Academician) and is affiliated with the class "Science".

  • Phone : +33 4 6714 9104
  • Email : philippe.miele